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  • Can you come to our convention this year?

I’m sorry, but I’m not doing any conventions in 2018.

  • Do you do commissions?

Unfortunately, I don’t have time in my schedule right now to do commissions. Sorry!

  • How much do you charge for a sketch at cons?

I no longer do sketches at cons as my schedule just doesn’t allow it.

  • Can I buy your original art?

I work completely digitally now, but sometimes will sell one-off artist proof prints of inked pages on request. You can read about artist proofs on David Marquez’s website: 

  • Will you sign my comics?

Sure! When I do a public appearance (which you can check out on the Connect/Appearances page), just stop by and I’ll be happy to sign anything…er, within reason. I don’t do signings via mail.

  • How much do you charge to sign my comics?


  • Can you help me with my school project by answering 20 interview questions?

I’m really sorry, but I don’t have time to do these sorts of things. For teachers who ask their students for primary sources, please take into account that most freelancers really can’t afford the time to give thoughtful answers to these sorts of projects as they usually work 10-14 hour days. Please don’t penalize your students for this. [This answer was provided by Katie West, former teacher, current business manager to Jamie McKelvie.]

  • Can you give me advice on how to start working in comics? Should I go to art school?

I never went to art school. And I know people always expect some secret tip on breaking into the comics industry, but really, just draw. All the time, make your own comics. Go to cons and talk to other creators and make comics with them. Keep drawing. Read books on drawing. Draw some more.

  • What your best top for emerging artists?

Take care of your body. I’m serious. Make sure you have a comfortable, ergonomic set up to work at. Take lots of breaks!